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Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go

We, along with the Yorkshire tourism industry, cannot wait to welcome you back to Yorkshire.

It’s been a difficult few months for everyone across the country and we believe that everyone deserves a slice of God’s Own County to reinvigorate the soul.

However, to make sure your trip is as safe and hiccup-free as possible, we are keen to push the “Know Before You Go” message. Below we have outlined some of our top tips for travellers looking to explore Yorkshire. Our recommendation is to check through all the pointers below before you travel:

“We’re Good to Go”

VisitEngland and VisitBritain have launched an initiative called “We’re Good to Go” – the idea is to provide a ‘ring of confidence’ and reassurance to local residents and visitors that clear processes have been put in place. An ‘alert’ system has also been set up to ensure that businesses signed up to the ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard are notified if there are changes to the official guidance so places adhering to this standard should be up to date with all the latest information.

Look for this logo on any attraction’s website or social media channels and it’ll help to give you a strong indication that this business is ready to welcome you safely.

Ticket information

Do you need to book a ticket in advance? If so, how do you book? This could be via the attraction’s website, through an app or by phoning ahead. Some businesses might have alternative arrangements if you turn up without a ticket, but it is worth checking in advance before you travel.


Is the attraction you want to visit limiting the number of people allowed inside the venue at any one time and is there a queuing system in place? It’s good to check what the process is when you arrive so that there is no confusion.


Always check before you visit anywhere if they are offering additional hand washing facilities at their venue and if not then make sure to take anti-bacterial hand sanitiser with you. It is also worth checking if there are toilet facilities available too – just so you don’t get caught out!

Food & drink

Does the place you’re hoping to visit have food and drink available for purchase? It is best not to assume that just because they offered food and drink previously that they still offer this, so we recommend checking their website, social media channels or phoning ahead to get confirmation.

If the answer is no food & drink facilities, then perhaps you would like to create your very own Yorkshire picnic with you - here's a few farm shops well worth exploring for supplies! If so, please remember to place all your litter in the bin or, if there are no bins available, take it home with you. Let’s keep Yorkshire looking it’s magnificent best.

Car parking

Is there car parking available at the destination you would like to visit? If so, does it need to be booked in advance? Also, it worth considering alternative parking arrangements nearby if your suggested car park is full when you arrive.


More and more places, particularly indoor attractions, will have an emphasis on wearing a mask when visiting – so please consider taking these with you everywhere you go. Whilst we’re on the subject of clothing – don’t forget to pack suitable attire for the weather, be it a cap, sunglasses or a raincoat.

Local guidelines

Always check for any local restrictions or guidelines on how to enjoy the wider destination safely. We recommend having a look at the messages being put out by the relevant Local Authority or National Park website beforehand so you know what you can and cannot do.

And finally…

As always, we would love to hear about your time in Yorkshire. Please join the conversation and share your videos, images and experiences with us on social media. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and we can’t wait to receive your updates.