Trees for Yorkshire

Broughton Hall Sanctuary, Skipton

Broughton Hall Sanctuary, Skipton

The Broughton Sancturay is within one of the biggest rewilding projects in England and is dedicated to serving a different union, in which people and land are good medicine for each other.

Our nature recovery programme, which includes planting trees across one third of our land, is a heartfelt commitment to address one of our deepest contemporary crises - our lack of harmonious co-existence with the Earth - an issue causing mass extinction of species across the globe as well as a deep lack of belonging for humanity.

We feel it is our duty to leave the Broughton Sanctuary in a much healthier condition for generations to come and aim to demonstrate how humans can live in a more fruitful and positive partnership with the land, in a way which helps both nature and humanity to truly flourish.

We also recognise that to obtain peace within our ‘outer nature’ we must also obtain peace within our ‘inner nature’. The change we need to see will not only come through rewilding the land but also through rewilding the spirit. It is in our desperate search for more, bigger and greater that we have forgotten that we are not separate but in fact part of an interconnected web of life. Rewilding the spirit is about remembering that we all belong to the same web. We need this biodiverse web to contribute to the delicately running natural cycles that help make Earth habitable to humans and contribute to our way of life in many ways. Biodiversity is essential for this wide array of natural cycles to exist and thrive. One break in the chain can cause a major malfunction and halt these systems that we so heavily rely on. To preserve the processes that are most important to us, we must preserve them all.

The Broughton Sanctuary is dedicated to encouraging this reconnection of our ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ nature. We believe that with rewilding the land and kick-starting the recovery of natural processes in conjunction with rewilding the spirit through learning to live in compassionate reciprocity with nature we can heal both ourselves and our world.

Through choosing to plant a tree on our Sanctuary you will be joining us in this mission to leave the world better than we found it. Your tree will be planted within one of our existing woodlands to help diversify and attract new wildlife.

To learn more about visiting the Broughton Sanctuary, our programme of retreats, events and experiences as well as our collection of beautiful places to stay then please visit our website.