Trees for Yorkshire

Woodlands and Wellness

Woodlands and Wellness

Trees are proven to boost human health and wellbeing. We believe that everyone should have access to trees and by becoming a Welcome to Yorkshire member you are helping to create beautiful woodlands that everyone can enjoy for years to come.

Take a look at the YDMT Discover Hub for a wide variety of nature inspired activities to do at home alone, with the children or with your family. There’s online courses, nature activities, gardening for wildlife tips, and more.

Looking after your health is important and doing little things can make a big difference.

  • Plant seeds– Caring for something and watching it grow is a relaxing activity. Plant seeds for flowers or vegetables.
  • Explore a new path– Walking a new route and noticing the sights and sounds is a great way to be kind to body and mind.
  • Favourite view– Do you have a favourite viewpoint in your local area? Did you know just recalling it in your memory can help you to connect to the positive feelings you get when you are there.
  • Re-wilding– Create a space in your garden or plant some wildflowers and notice nature begin to reclaim this space. What species will visit?
  • Recycling and Composting– Composting and recycling are great ways to look after your planet and take conscious care. Compost can help flowers and vegetables to thrive too, so there’s more than just one benefit.
  • Use your senses– Whether out in nature or noticing a plant in your house, use senses such as sight, smell, sound and touch to notice the experience more fully. Taking this moment to pause is a great way to be kind to yourself.
  • Being out in nature for just 30 minutes a day is an act of #kindness to your mind & body!