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What to expect

The expected: smart TV, comfortable beds, tea & coffee making facilities, soft towels and sweet smelling soaps in all our rooms.

The unexpected: our quirky approach to decor, our love of storytelling and our enthusiasm to celebrate all that’s weirdly wonderful about Whitby.

Our aim is to provide something a little bit different from the norm. Not just accommodation, but a destination for those looking for the full Whitby experience.

What not to expect

We are not a hotel in the traditional sense. There’s no reception or lift to all floors (if you have mobility issues we may not be the place for you). We don’t provide room service or morning calls. We will be available ‘on line’, but are happy to send you an access code and leave you be in all other respects to make yourselves at home.

Bed is just the beginning…

As we are newly established, we are still working hard to get our cafe bar ready for our guests, so we are initially unable to provide breakfast. At this time, all bookings are on a room-only basis. There’s no need to go hungry; there are establishments offering a variety of sit-down or takeaway breakfasts and brunches on the doorstep.


  • Wi-fi

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