La Rosa Hotel



La Rosa Hotel is designed to be a place of romance, fun and escapism. We do not have televisions in the rooms but do have DVD players and an extensive film collection. We have great books as well as free internet access in the library.

More boudoir than boutique, there are eight double rooms each with a distinctive La Rosa style and theme.

Lewis: Imagining Carroll's study
Sacre Coeur: Romance is sacred
Little Red: Angela Carter not Disney
Saloon: Cowgirl Heaven
Stoker: The view that inspired Bram
La Rosa: Fit for a swan princess
Caravan: Homage to life on the road
Arabesque: Inside the genie's bottle

All our double rooms are ensuite - 6 with baths and 2 with showers. The Crows Nest has one ensuite shower room as well as a separate bathroom and toilet.

Breakfast is a "picnic in bed" hamper delivered to your door containing an assortment of goodies. Our tea room opens from 10am each morning.


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