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The Cyclesense Cycling Club is a road cycling club centred around the Tadcaster area which is surrounded by superb cycling country.

Our club organises and participates in a year round calendar of activities and events including weekly rides and chain gangs. There is a club ride every Tuesday throughout the year.

Some members are keen racers and enjoy both time trialling and road racing. Others just enjoy the camaraderie of cycling in a group or being able to train with others.

Whatever your interest give us a call and come out for a club run with us. You will be made to feel welcome.

Club rides are the best way to get to know your fellow club members as well as developing some solid base fitness.

The best part of being a club member is joining with other cyclists and riding as part of a group. You are more than welcome to join us for a club run. All that you need to bring is a couple of spare inner tubes, plenty of water or energy drink and some money in case we stop at a cafe. You may also want to put some snacks in your back pocket.

What’s on


Tuesday Evening:
Arranged via the club forum – setting off from Cyclesense Tadcaster
2 groups – Red and Blue Group (1 group during winter due to lower number of riders)
Red Group – 30 miles at a high pace 20+ mph – Not for the faint hearted.
Blue Group – 17 miles at a moderate pace 16 + mph – Steadier pace

Sunday Rides:
Arranged via the club forum – setting off from Cyclesense Tadcaster
1 group – Club Run
Distances vary. Pace is slower to keep everyone together.

Opening Hours

Mon 09:00 17:00
Tue 09:00 17:00
Thu 09:00 17:00
Fri 11:00 17:00
Sat 09:00 17:00


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