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We at Centurion airsoft are commited to delivering a superior service to both residents up and down the east coast communities and visiting public alike.

Centurion Airsoft is located on 56 acres of private farmland in the heart of the north yorskshire moors national parks and have been given permission and backing from both the land owner and nymnp,enabling us to bring back airsoft skirmishing after a nine year absence.

The site address:- lownorth road,harwood dale, Scarborough,yo13 0uk

we will include many youth clubs and organisations to compile a league to help increase the competiveness to ensure fast and furious gameplay and activities for todays growing enthuiasm for exciting sports.

we will also provide everything you need for this exciting sport down to the dinner and refreshment requirements on weekend events!

in order to provide the communities with the ability to play this sport all year round we will be opening an indoor site,so you can even play after school or college.

we will compile teams that will be able to attend events that hold large scale combat scenario skirmishing up and down the uk,such as The Ai500,and Call of duty seasons,where as many as 500 players attend ,compete and have fun.

Setting Centurion Airsoft apart from the others:-

Centurion airsoft is approaching the Airsoft scene in a slightly different way as in game experience,and realism.

We believe that airsoft can be and should be played as close to the real thing as possible and not just on milsims,after all lets look at who the target audience is,

Ex-squadies,Serving solidiers,Territorial army,cadets and army wannabe's seeking the thrill of paintball but not the price tag.

Thats why at Centurion Airsoft we believe a completely natural,un-modified or adapted playing environment offers the players a true military combat experience,finding and using the natural lay of the land.

Centurion Airsoft's Game scenarios have a purpose,an objective that leads onto the next game and so on,constantly shifting the possible advantages that can arise,not just find the enemy,shoot the enemy and then we will swap you round,we as players want more,the players views are important to us so we can deliver more back to the players,not just keeping more money in the players pockets.

Please read the game scenarios,and you will see we don't just plan and arrange games,we have put together a day of simulation of just some of the scenarios modern day armed forces have to endure.!

Coupled with our price brackets and the ability to play against a very talented opponent need you ask why choose us?

For more information on the opening of this exciting new site please feel free to get in touch regarding any queries you have.

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