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Wildlife Discovery Tours provide guided landscape and wildlife tours giving you the opportunity to discover diverse and amazing wildlife and landscapes.

We firmly believe that if you want to see wildlife and appreciate and understand how it is related to the landscape then you need to spend time in the landscape.

We will help you see more, experience more and appreciate more of our diverse and inter-connected natural world through the landscapes and habitats themselves.

These tours are not about ticking off a list of species or rarities but rather they are an experience and a connection that we call ‘landscape scale wildlife guiding’.

To enable you to have the best chance of discovering wildlife and exploring the landscape we normally restrict our advertised tours to a maximum of eight people which allows the guide to provide you with the best possible chance of experiencing wild Britain.

Whether you are completely new to exploring the natural world or you have already spent time in the outdoors looking for wildlife we can help you see the world of nature through different eyes.

Wildlife Discovery Tour’s aim is to connect you with the landscape by putting it into context locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We want to compare and contrast, inspire, celebrate, enjoy and educate.

At the core of our approach is the exploration of ‘re-wilding’ and what this means for landscapes, habitats and species. How might it be applied, can there be degrees of ‘wildness’, what are the challenges and implications, what are the opportunities and benefits?

The ‘re-wilding’ ethos is at the heart of what we do but it does not dominate or overwhelm our individual tours rather it is the framework in which we deliver tours – whatever your views are on ‘re-wilding’ our tours will always be an enjoyable and revealing exploration of our natural world.

We aim to give you a quality experience in small groups with specialist guides this provides you with the opportunity to discover a suite of species associated with habitats and landscapes, this is our passion and what inspires us.
Guided walks/tours on other dates not included in our programme are available.

We may be able to provide a guide at short notice so please contact us to enquire.

Why not organize a group – perhaps a family day to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just to get together or maybe a group of friends just relaxing and enjoying the countryside?

Wildlife Discovery Tours will be your guide helping to reveal the landscape and its wildlife wherever you choose to take your break – enjoy the company of your friends, family or colleagues whilst re-connecting with our natural heritage.

We specialise in arranging flexible bespoke tours for small groups reflecting their budget and needs.
These trips provide a unique chance to explore the rich landscapes and wildlife of Britain from the coast to the mountain tops, focusing on the areas and wildlife which particularly interest you.
Tours can be for a full day or even perhaps a journey of several days, exploring a number of habitats and landscapes in depth. Contact us for more details of these unique opportunities.

Experience the seasons, species migration, landscape transitions and the vast range of animals and plants that create the nature of Britain with Wildlife Discovery Tours.


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Adult £50.00

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