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"The Abyss @ Magna – The world’s only indoor bungee jump also home to the Awesome Foursome & Triple Whammy experiences.

The UK Bungee Club (UKBC) was established in 1989 and over the years has grown to become the market leader for Bungee Jumping in the UK. The pioneer of commercial Bungee Jumping in Britain the 1990’s saw The UK Bungee Club running one of the most famous permanent jump facilities in the world, Adrenalin Village, located at Chelsea Bridge in Battersea, London. A permanent feature on the London Skyline this 300ft tower crane dispatched 11,000 bungee jumpers every year over the Thames from 1994 to 1999. Alongside this a floating hostel housed thrill seekers from all over the globe with a total of 100,000 people visiting the site in its final year of operation. This was also the venue for the qualifying rounds of The World Extreme Games in association with the television company ESPN, which the UKBC facilitated in 1995. UKBC were the only facilitator to be used outside of the USA.

The UK Bungee Club now facilitates all jumps sold by Britain’s leading retailers and gift experience companies such as Boots, Debenhams, WHSmith, Red Letter Days and The professionalism and 100% safety record of the company has led to the UKBC being first choice for television production companies worldwide with material filmed for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. Working with over 200 charities both large and small the UKBC has facilitated and organised charity events raising over £2 million for good causes. During its existence and due to the nature of the work the UKBC has also become involved with other activities acting as advisors and running events such as abseils, zip wires, drop slides and adventure trips around the world.

The UK Bungee Club now has regular events at fixed venues all over the UK giving nationwide coverage for bungee jumpers. The UKBC’s main jump site is located in Datchet Berkshire just a stones throw from Windsor Castle an extremely scenic setting with great transport links it attracts jumpers from all over the UK. In addition to this UK Bungee still visits well over a 100 events and festivals a year from Penzance to the Shetland Islands.

In November 2005 the UK Bungee Club opened The Abyss @ Magna creating the world’s highest indoor bungee jump. Taking the established activity of Bungee Jumping and placing it within the 150ft Face of Steel Building at the award winning Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham, a £46million Millennium project The Abyss has created a unique experience for thrill seekers unparalleled worldwide. As a result in 2006 The Abyss was awarded the Best Tourism Experience by the Yorkshire Tourist board having attracted people from all over the globe. The Abyss has also been used for numerous TV and Film projects from Channel 4’s Superhuman to Sky One’s Crash Test Dummies, as well being featured on ESPN Asia. Work at The Abyss has continued to progress with the installation of new activities including an abseil platform, a 250ft zip wire and a 150ft Powerfan™ Descender these were all built alongside a new £2.7 million corporate development project at the centre.

In October 2006 The UK Bungee Club secured the rights to jump from the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge. A mile stone for Bungee Jumping in the UK it is the first time that members of the public have legally been allowed to jump from a UK Bridge, since members of Oxford University performed the first ever bungee jump in its modern form from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol in 1979.

The UK Bungee Club continues to progress with new permanent and dedicated jump sites around the country and regular events throughout the year. Whatever your bungee jumping needs UK Bungee can facilitate you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. "

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