Bark Endeavour

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Climb on board the Bark Endeavour Whitby for a unique trip to remember.

Our authentic replica of HMS Endeavour which was sailed by Captain James Cook during his scientific expeditions of 1748 has be traditionally built by Whitby Craftsmen and stands in the water some 40% of the original ships size.

Join us on one of our regular sailings throughout the year and we will take you on a voyage around Whitby Harbour and along teh coast to Sandsend, where you will follow the path of Cook himself and re-live his life at sea.

Your trip on the Bark Endeavour will be more then just a simple pleasure cruise; instead you will enjoy some fantastic views of North Yorkshire's Jurassic Coastline, with it's interesting geological features and it's wealth of fossils and minerals, including the famous Whitby Jet.n You will also see a rich variety of wildlife, including many different types of sea bird, seals and occasionally porpoise, dolphins and whales.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings while you listen to traditional Whitby sea shanties and hear about the life of Captain Cook, the history of Whitby and a whole lot more!

We guarantee that it will be a trip to remember and we look forward to welcoming you on board quite soon!

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