Stump Cross Caverns

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The formation of Stump Cross Caverns began millions of years ago, when the area which is now the Yorkshire Dales was covered by oceans. Sediment from the ocean floor would eventually form limestone, the basic material from which the caves are made. The caves themselves began to form as the limestone was eroded by weak acid rain, created when carbon dioxide from the atmosphere mixed with the precipitation to form carbonic acid.

Many years ago, underground streams found their way into the cracks and began to expand the cave system as more rock was worn away. Once the streams had gone from the upper levels of the valley the cave system was left behind, and the mineral structures that are present today slowly began to form as water dripped through the caverns.

We offer a range of facilities for a great family day out, including a gift shop and tea room as well as the caves themselves. There is also a twenty minute film presentation shown in our comfortable lecture theatre, informing visitors of the history and development of the caverns within the local area.

The caves are open every day from 10am - 6pm (last admission into the caves is 4.45pm), from 13th February to 1st December.

In the Winter months (December to February), viewing is at weekends only and also during the school holidays at Christmas and February half term.

Booked parties including birthday parties or coach parties can be accommodated at any time of the year including evenings, please telephone to make an appointment.

We apologise but no dogs (except guide dogs) are allowed into the caves!


Type Price
Adult £9.00
Child (4-12 years) includes quiz £6.00
Under 4's (Under 4’s can do a quiz at a £2 charge) All children win a fantastic prize on competition of quiz. £0.00
Adult - Cave+Cinema £11.00
Child (under 12’s -0) - Cave & Cinema £6.00
Cinema minus Cave £6.00
Toddler Group prices (Mon/Tues 10-11am) £2.00

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