Ingleton Falls, Waterfall Trail

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The trail is 4.5 miles long (8 km) and leads you through ancient oak woodland and magnificent Yorkshire Dales scenery via a series of stunning waterfalls and geological features.

As you walk along the circular route you will not only see the ancient base rocks that form the Peak District, but also the many rare plants, birds and trees they support.

It’s this rich variety of unique geological features and plant life that prompted Natural England to declare the Ingleton Glens a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Swilla Glen
The first section of the walk follows the River Twiss through Swilla Glen, a deep glen cut into carboniferous limestone. Walking through the woodland of oak, ash, birch and hazel you can find a variety of wild ground plants including bluebells and dogs mercury.

Mosses and ferns thrive in the moist conditions of the limestone gorge in this area. After crossing Manor Bridge the trail leads you towards Pecca Falls.

Pecca Falls
After walking over Pecca Bridge you reach the first of Pecca Falls. Here you can see the vegetation shift from a typical limestone woodland to the bracken and heathers that thrive in the more acidic soil associated with slate and sandstone.

Hollybush Spout
The trail climbs steeply here up a series of steps via Hollybush Spout, onto open moor land where the river flows to a shallow valley.

There is a refreshment cabin at the top so you can enjoy a cooling ice cream or drink and well earned rest before walking on to Thornton Force.

There are five main waterfalls at this point, dropping 30 metres over sandstone and slate. The river Twiss tumbles over the sandstone steps into the plunge pools which are reputed to be as deep as the falls themselves.

Thornton Force
Thornton Force is the most famous and spectacular of the waterfalls on the trail. Here the river plunges 14 metres over a cliff of limestone, laid down 330 million years ago in a sub-tropical sea.

There is a viewing area which is also a beautiful spot for a picnic or rest before continuing the walk along Twistleton Lane.

Thornton Force was an inspiration for renowned artist William Turner.

Beezley Falls
Just before Beezley Falls you arrive at the Falls Refreshment Centre where you can rest your legs and take in the beautiful surroundings. The trail then enters oak woodland, this time following the path of the river Doe to arrive at Beezley Falls.

From the first waterfall the Doe descends over Triple Spout – three beautiful waterfalls all side by side.

Rival Falls
At Rival Falls the trail offers fantastic views of the river Doe plunging into a pool known locally as the “Black Hole” which is reputed to be over 80 feet deep.

Baxengyhll Gorge
Walking on to Baxenghyll Gorge you will find a viewing bridge which gives a dramatic view of the river far below - for those not afraid of heights!

Snow Falls
Beyond Baxenghyll Gorge don’t forget to look back or you may miss the beautiful Snow Falls.

From Snow Falls, the walk continues back through Twisleton Glen over the final footbridge of the trail in the valley via the old limestone quarries and kilns. The final stage of the trail takes you through the picturesque Ingleton village before returning to the car park where the trail began.

For more information on the formation of the waterfalls you can buy a leaflet at the entrance kiosk (price £1.00).


Type Price
Adult £6.00
Child £3.00
Family £15.00

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