Overview & description

We sell Boxes of 2,4,8 or 18 macaroons with a choice of 8 classic flavours and 8 signature flavours

Classic flavours:

-Vanilla from Madagascar
-coffee from the Tarrazu Valley in Costa Rica
-Lemon and Lime
-Pure Raspberry
-Pure Origin Manjari Chocolate from Madagascar
-Salted butter caramel with flower of salt from Guérande
-Passion fruit and pure origin milk chocolate from Papoua/New Guinea

and also the signature flavours:

-Irish coffee
-Earl grey tea and orange
-Star anise and Raspberry
-Pistachio, griottine (morello cherry infused in kirsh) and cinnamon
-Orange blossom
and two seasonal flavours that will change depending of what available.

We can also provide macaroons for weddings (favours and tower) and parties, contact us for more information.

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