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Why buy from us?

Because we are unique!

We only sell the very best e-bikes available in the UK.

Most bikes are constructed outside the UK, mainly in Europe, but also in the Far East, Importers supply these bikes in the UK, but how do you know which to choose? You need to know they are comfortable, reliable and safe!

How can you know which suits you best? Use our experience instead.

All the bikes we have for sale have been tested by us on our tours! This is our strength, most of our competitors have fancy shops/web sites and maybe staff who know all about the technical stuff, but have they been out testing them on serious terrain and in all conditions?

Our approach means we recognise quality and reliability because we use the bikes in our hire business, testing them in the Yorkshire Dales.

We only sell e-bikes directly to you as UK trade dealers based on our own experience on the road.

You are always welcome to join us on one of our tours and test the bikes for yourself.

We have researched the huge e-bike market and have divided our bikes for sale into three distinct types. Our "Traditional Range" bikes are beautifully practical, simple, with uncluttered styling combined with a light alloy frame. The "Mid-Range" bikes have quality, reliability and classic good looks built in: they offer a solution that has a full modern specification with a balance of design and function.

Our "Contemporary Range" offer the very best in quality and the latest design. Precision, innovation and consistency are the dominant features.

Whatever bike you choose, we promise this refreshing approach: quality and reliability at an affordable price.

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