Cocoa Wonderland


Hidden away from all the hustle and bustle of today's modern living, Cocoa was like taking a step into the past. Packed full of treats with rows and rows of every kind of sweet imaginable in sparkling glass jars. And, of course, exquisite chocolate!

Their shop was adored by many, young and old, and people visited from far and wide, just for a little taste of Cocoa's magic. Customers would find themselves lost in nostalgia and transported back to their childhoods.

The Cocoa ladies, being firm believers in quality over quantity and the saying a little bit of something that you fancy does you good, went to great lengths to discover the most beautiful ribbons and boxes and yummiest confectionery.

So... one day they decided to travel to the deepest darkest corners of the planet to visit the birthplace of their favourite chocolate in the whole wide world.....

They embarked upon a great adventure and travelled to a tiny island called Grenada in the Caribbean. There they lived in a beautiful jungle, but this was no ordinary jungle as an array of vibrant cocoa pods surrounded them. They helped pick the pods, collect the beans and when they were ready they took them to the chocolate factory and watched them being turned into chocolate. Finally the bars were ready to fly back to Cocoa's customers.

The Cocoa ladies found their trip so inspiring that they too wanted to make their own chocolate creations. So, once they had acclimatised (and the holiday blues had worn off), they booked themselves in at the Chocolate Academy (the only education they would need!). They are now in process of concocting their own secret recipes. The next chapter will reveal all....

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