Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park

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Yorkshire Scare Grounds Scream Park is the most extreme Halloween Entertainment Park and Scare Attraction Experience in Yorkshire. Bigger, Better & Scarier for Halloween 2015, the attraction combines special effects and live actors to immerse the audience in a most terrifying encounter that will leave them screaming for more!

Just minutes from Wakefield, Leeds & Barnsley & centrally located in Yorkshire the attraction is one huge multi-element scare experience.

Please note; this attraction is intended for families, teenagers and adults. Minors under the age of 16 will only be admitted if accompanied by a responsible adult over 18 years of age. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

Five Years of Fear!
DARKWOOD 2 – Bloody Mary!
Following the brutal murders in 2014, Darkwood – the once idyllic woodland retreat was sold, but the new owners didn’t stay for long! Darkwood has been left abandoned, decay, rot & something sinister has set in! This Halloween a new evil has been awoken – Bloody Mary! Thought by some to be an urban legend, Mary is back – with only one thing on her mind, to terrorise anyone who dares to cross the threshold of Darkwood. Just the mention of her name turns people cold with fear, and promise yourselves this one thing - NEVER EVER say her name 3 times! Along with Mary – Evil will rise this Halloween!
VOODOO - Valley of Blood!
Deep in the valley amongst the blood ridden swampland, dark magic is practised and curses are made, the stench of death lingers in the air! Come face to face with the Voodoo Queen who’s in search of more victims to taunt and torture, will YOU become her next victim for the human sacrifice! Or will you fall into the hands of the evil Witch Doctor who’s hell bent on raging a torturous killing spree!
EXILE! - Survive the Night!
Were going to put you thru hell this Halloween as our annual purge to cleanse the region begins nightly at 6pm, were each night all crime including murder is legal. You can’t call for help & no one will hear your screams! Will YOU survive the night this Halloween!
HLP - Hell Lane Penitentiary, harbouring some of the country’s most dangerous criminals, is in total lockdown, the inmates have taken over and launched a murderous campaign to bring down the prison system. Will YOU spend a night in the confined cells where there’s No Escape!
Step inside a Zombarian Freak Show where Killer Clowns have only revenge on their minds! The Zombie virus has spread to the greasepaint & Jacks Fun House is now full of freakish flesh eaters! Bloodthirsty BoBo will beckon you in as Jugular Jack eats YOU from within!

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