10 years ago Demijohn began and has tickled tastebuds all over the world with its array of unusual spirits, liqueurs, oils, vinegars and whiskies. It’s York shop is at 11 Museum St. Each product is sourced from small artisan producers who have a passion for fine food and drink.

A liquid deli conjures up all sorts of ideas of shelves awash with interesting potions and in many ways that’s exactly what Demijohn is. Born in the summer of 2004, Demijohn is the brainchild of ex-Army officer Angus Ferguson who has always had a love of good food and drink. When he left the army he and his wife Frances were keen to open the world’s first liquid deli, where unusual artisan spirits, liqueurs, whiskies, oils and vinegars, mostly sourced locally, would be on offer with tasting a key part of the buying process.

From these humble beginnings Demijohn now has four shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow and York and Oxford. Its York shop at 11 Museum St opened in Sept 09 and has thrived ever since. Angus has thrown the idea of a deli on its head and has nothing but large glass demijohns lining the wooden shelves all containing the most delicious, quirky liquids that makes your mouth water just at the sight of them. Customers are encouraged to taste before buying which inevitably leads to them learning about the products, where they come from and how they can be used. From there the customer chooses the size and shape of bottle into which the liquid is poured, a personalised message added for free and then nicely gift wrapped.

Demijohn’s products are unusual, varied and always delicious. From Yorkshire comes Sloe Sherry, Red Chilli Rapeseed Oil and Lemon Rapeseed Oil. From the rest of the UK comes other unusual products such as Organic Rhubarb Vodka, Seville Orange Gin, Raspberry Vodka, Gooseberry Gin, Spiced Rum, Bladnoch Malt Whisky to name a few as well as all sorts of delicious fruit vinegars, such as Elderflower Vinegar and Bramble Vinegar.

Demijohn is more than a deli – it is a whole new concept of selling. The staff are all knowledgeable about the products and passionate about their provenance, even to the extent the shops are closed on certain days so the staff can pick elderflowers in north Yorkshire or sloes from the Galloway hedgerows to ensure plentiful supplies of the raw ingredients.

Angus says: “Demijohn is about great tasting, natural artisan products. Many of the products can be made into tempting cocktails or are the bases for pasta sauces, salad dressings and delicious desserts. We have even created our own cocktail bar that goes round various county shows. A Demijohn cocktail will make your day!”

Demijohn’s products are not just available in their shops but also on a sophisticated website. Here, along with recipes, ideas and cocktails, you can browse until your mouth waters!

Next time you’re heading down Museum Street in York make sure you pop into Demijohn and have a taster. They even offer one-off taster evenings for special occasions – check out

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