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Nightshade Productions runs one of York’s best historical tours: ‘The York Terror Trail’.

Our evening tour ‘The York Terror Trail’ invites you to explore the dark underbelly of one of Europe’s most haunted cities. Ancient invasions, civil wars and deadly plagues have each cast its shadow and carved their marks on the age-old streets of Eboracum. For the most part these horrors stay safely in the past. Forgotten. Until now. From there the tour explores the darkest streets of the oldest parts of York, uncovering stories as we go. Walk in the footsteps of the Emperor Constantine, hear of trials of Margaret Clitherow and the deadly plotting of Guy Fawkes. Join us on the York Terror Trail and you’ll never look at the old city in the same way again.

Around the city, Nightshade Productions also performs murder mystery nights at York’s most haunted pubs.

This year, Nightshade Productions has expanded to create a series of short films with actors and crew from our local community. Our series ‘York Tales’ is available to watch on YouTube and shows off the talent from York’s best up and coming actors and directors.


Type Price
Adult £5.00
Child £2.00

Opening Hours

Sun 18:45 20:10
Mon 18:45 20:10
Tue 18:45 20:10
Wed 18:45 20:10
Thu 18:45 20:10
Fri 18:45 20:10
Sat 18:45 20:10

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