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Joy Lomas, Realist Painter, living and working in Scarborough.


An eclectic range of paintings are sold in the market place. They are pretty and decorative with no real meaning apart from they are eye-catching or colourful. Alternatively there are the museums which have been set up to concentrate the mind on art and the history of art. I am somewhere between the two, striving to go beyond mere representation or decoration. Yes, I work physically with my materials – brushes and paints – but my mind and my inner thoughts are full of excitement, emotion and ideas which open out into the picture I am working on.

The market and the gallery/museum rely on goods coming in from without. In my case, as the maker of the goods, I have a remarkable opportunity to connect to the public with a message or a statement. Not all art does this.

These thoughts have lead me to my Renaissance Project, which is as follows:


This is a full time project culminating in the launch and exhibition of a series of new and exciting oil paintings based on the theory of using art as an attraction to Scarborough.

The Launch and Solo Exhibition of this body of work is booked at Woodend, The Crescent, Scarborough, from 8 September to 3 October 2014. Each painting takes 2 – 3 months to complete and the paintings will be for sale.

I propose that key pieces will then be exhibited at suitable galleries outside the region.

Images of the paintings will be withheld until exhibition, but updates on the project will be posted here as appropriate.

Enquiries should be sent to [email protected]

began in 2008 and was launched in 2010

I aspired to develop a ‘new take’ on Scarborough, using experimentation with the distortion of an image when seen through shaped glass. This created a mood of celebration and rendered landscapes and landmarks anew, as in regeneration.

The launch and exhibition of this body of work, again at Woodend, was a sell-out. A further four paintings were then made and exhibited locally.

Further information on The Magic of Scarborough can be seen on my website, but please note my Renaissance paintings will not look like The Magic of Scarborough series.

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