Overview & description

Theatre Royal Wakefield was built in 1894 (originally named Wakefield Theatre Royal & Opera House) and is the smallest theatre designed by architect Frank Matcham. Not only an architectural gem, it is one of few Matcham Theatres now open for its original purpose.

The theatre has a beautiful auditorium and is very intimate, whichever of the 499 seats you sit in - you're guaranteed a great night!

Reopened by the Friends of Wakefield Theatre Royal in March 1986 the theatre celebrated its 25th anniversary in March 2011. Today, the programme of work caters for all tastes: whether you enjoy Musical Theatre, Comedy, Ballet or Drama, you're sure to find something you'll love.

Also at the Theatre is Time Bakery & Coffee shop, run by artisan baker Kevan Roberts who creates a mouth watering array of breads and pastry.

Kevan says ‘We love bread, we love how it looks, smells, feels and of course we love how it tastes! We love the tradition and skill that goes into baking it and the never ending quest for the best ingredients.’

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