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I'm a landscape artist based in Grosmont near Whitby, North Yorkshire. I am best known for large palette knife oil paintings of the North Yorkshire Moors area and North East Coastline. I've just moved back into the Grosmont gallery and renamed it "The Geall Gallery " and I've teamed up with a local cook, Jayne Harrison, who runs "The Artisan Cafe" from the premises. During the week you will normally be able to catch me painting in my studio at the back , I don’t bite so come and have a chat.

I'm not big on artist’s statements so rather than making you wade through a whole load of drivel I’ll just guide you to my Blog page and you can see what I’ve been up to recently or you can see some of my older work in the Archive or my Old Blog.

My other main outlet is Trattles and Geall at the top end of Church street in Whitby, just below the Abbey steps.

Over half my work comes from commissions so if you like what you see I am more than happy to do requests. I like to keep things nice and relaxed so will only take on a painting that I know I will be able to sell myself if the customer isn't totally satisfied.

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