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The North Yorkshire Gallery

The North Yorkshire Gallery is a family run, landscape photography business located in the beach and seaside resort of Whitby. Operated by photographer Laurie and printer Jemma Smithies the shop presents exquisite images in a wide selection of formats.  Experienced photographer Laurie embraces God’s Own Country and offers canvases, framed and mounted prints, black and white prints and wall art as well as the perfect souvenir collection including placemats, coasters, mugs, tea towels, chopping boards, keyrings, pillows, tote bags, pens, greetings cards, Christmas cards and printed slate. The charming shop is situated on Church Street, at the bottom of the 199 steps. Whether you are looking for fine art for your home or a unique souvenir, gifts and Christmas ideas you are sure to find all you need when you visit the delightful Whitby shop.

Comprehensive Photographers

The North Yorkshire Gallery utilises the finest quality photography and printing to ensure each print, canvas and framed print is of the highest quality. With modern technology and diligent processes each print, framed print and canvas and the multitude of gifts reflect the finest possible giclee standard.

Dedicated photographer Laurie captures sensational images of Yorkshire’s best locations and landmarks. A visit to the shop offers an array of prints and canvases including Whitby, Whitby Whalebones, Staithes, Robin Hood’s Bay, Roseberry Topping, The North Yorkshire Moors, The North Yorkshire Coast, The Yorkshire Dales, Runswick Bay, Saltburn and Industrial Teesside. Each print, canvas and framed print have been produced to exceptional standards and the gallery reflects the wondrous Yorkshire landscape and its scenic beauty.

A visit to the gallery offers canvases and gifts that capture historic landmarks such as the glorious Abbey, the legend of Captain Cook, the majestic swing bridge and the beautiful whalebones. One of Whitby’s most enduring connections is to the classic novel, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and no visit would be complete without ascending the 199 steps, as did the Count himself upon arrival. From the swing bridge to the regatta and Gothic weekend, there is something for everyone in this stunning selection of photography.

High-Quality Photographer

The North Yorkshire Gallery has become one of the most popular photography and print businesses in the area and has earned itself a reputation that consistently grows. Whether you are looking for birthday gifts or Christmas ideas or a print, canvas, canvases, black and white or framed print or wall art each product is produced to industry best standards. Laurie has developed a reputation as one of Yorkshire’s best photographers and has been described as the next Joe Cornish as well as the modern-day, pioneering photographer, Frank Sutcliffe.

Canvases, Framed Prints and Presents

Captain Cook’s legacy, Dracula and the Abbey as well as exciting events such as the regatta and Gothic weekend ensure Whitby remains one of the most popular beach and seaside resorts to visit. Both the shop and successful landscape photography website offers the perfect canvas, prints and selection of gifts as enduring reminders of this stunning Yorkshire location.

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