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A wooden rocking horse is a wonderful plaything, a perfect vehicle for a child's developing imagination. It will become a treasured family possession, not quickly discarded like so many modern toys, but kept and passed down to succeeding generations.

For over 35 years we have been designing and making wooden rocking horses and have unrivalled experience of the craft. Every horse we make is a hand crafted individual. We stock ready-to-ride horses, or you can commission a 'special', made to your own preferred size and style.

If woodworking is your interest, we publish a range of exclusive designs with projects to suit all abilities. The idea of making a rocking horse can be daunting, but we aim to give you the confidence to succeed in your chosen project, making a rocking horse will give you a truly satisfying sense of achievement.

Our plans are supported with books, DVD's, carving courses, prepared timber packs, specialist tools and the best range of quality accessories and fittings, most of which are designed and made in our own workshops.

Whether you want to own a finished rocking horse, would like to make one of your own, or have an old horse that needs attention, we are in a unique position to provide you with everything you need, including free advice.

We can arrange to ship finished horses to any destination and we offer a fast and friendly mail order service for plans and accessories. Or if you get the chance we would love to welcome you to our showroom in Fangfoss, near York, where we would be delighted to show you round, let you see our craftsmen and women working and also see a large number of old Rocking Horses.

If it's to do with Rocking Horses, we do it!


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