DN Festival of Light



The DN Festival of Light is Right Up Our Street’s winter festival, it celebrates the diversity of our town by bringing different communities together in one space to engage in the arts and culture. Last year, Right Up Our Street brought Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon to Doncaster Minster in the week long phenomenon DN Festival of Light.

This year, Right Up Our Street is working with creative studio NOVAK artist Ed Carter to transform the interior of Doncaster Minster into an immersive world of light and colour, completely bespoke to the building. Not only will this piece of art only be seen at this festival, it has been envisaged and designed with Doncaster Minster playing muse.

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Tickets FREE


22/11/2019 - 27/11/2019

Opening Hours

Sun 17:00 21:00
Mon 17:00 21:00
Tue 17:00 21:00
Wed 09:00 17:00
Fri 17:00 21:00
Sat 17:00 21:00

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