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Close your curtains and make sure your doors are locked! Frightening fun has been guaranteed in Driffield for Halloween 2019 as the Showground team are ready to unleash a brand-new event. Get ready to experience the Driffield Showground “after dark” with two thrilling nights of spooks, scares and live entertainment.

Forget rubbish Dracula costumes and silly cobwebs made of string, the Showground team will be bringing on the fear with three live action scare mazes across two nights of frights. The stories behind the three attractions are all based on real legends and are set to be brought to life with special effects, spine tingling music and live actors, guaranteeing visitors a terrifying encounter that will leave them screaming for more!

The three attractions lined up to take centre stage in 2019 will be: The Convent, Outpost 42 and Old Stinker.
Outpost 42 will take you on a Journey through a chilling and disturbing Government human test facility where visitors must be wary of infected test victims as they try and escape this labyrinth of Terror.

The Convent will take visitors on a trip deep into the woods, back in October 1902 where they must pray for forgiveness whilst witnessing the last hours of a convent of Nuns whose exorcism on 12-year-old “Roland Doe” has just gone very, very wrong.

And finally, an old Yorkshire legend will be brought to life. The legend of 'Old Stinker'. This half-man, half-wolf like creature, famed for its foul breath and devil-like red eyes is said to roam the East Yorkshire Countryside, rumour has it if you hear the chilling howls of the creature during the night, then you won't live to see the dawn. it has been spotted several times over the years, with the most recent sighting being just two years ago.

The weekend is also set to feature a funfair, roaming characters, street food, live music and street entertainment in the form of stilt walkers and fire breathers. Thrill seekers looking for something a little more ‘hands on’ will be able to get up close and personal with all manner of reptiles and creepy crawlies in the interactive “Reptile House”.
For those still shaking after surviving their terrifying encounters it’s time to pull up a chair and relax in the “Devils Nest” with live entertainment and a strong drink to steady their nerves!

Showground Events Manager, Matt Jackman Bakes said “We are really proud of all the new additions to the Showground Calendar that have been introduced over the last few years and this is going to be one of those weekends we hope visitors will be taking about for a very long time to come. With After Dark we really wanted to bring something completely new and different to Driffield and we cannot wait for visitors to see what we have in store. The frights will literally start from the moment you leave your car, it’s set to be a great weekend with lots planned in, all wrapped up in a friendly festival atmosphere”

Organisers of the event are also searching for actors to join the cast of horror characters inhabiting next year’s scare mazes and have been invited to contact the Showground team directly.

Tickets must be purchased in advance and are available to purchase now from, priced at £12 per person. Tickets are limited, and organisers are expecting tickets to sell fast. Full terms and conditions along with frequently asked questions can be found on the website.

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Type Price
Tickets £12 Per Person


25/10/2019 - 26/10/2019

Opening Hours

Fri 17:00 23:00
Sat 17:00 23:00


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