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Doug Binder (b.1941, Bradford) was the founding curator of the Dean Clough Galleries and is now its ‘painter in residence’. He encountered fame in the 1960s; an ambivalent experience that has since seem him increasingly devoted to the practice and promotion of life drawing.

Visitors to Dean Clough will readily encounter Doug Binder in his corridor studio. The door is seldom shut and the radio (BBC3, naturally) is usually on. In 2018 a ‘frozen shoulder’ meant that Doug was unable to lift his paintbrush above his chest.

Undeterred Doug scaled his work down and began to work with characteristic obsession on a multiple series of oil paintings based on a gestural drawing of parents supporting a tottering child by Rembrandt. ‘First Steps’ charts his progress. An intriguing show that is at once modest yet intense.

“Throughout his roller-coaster career Doug has never stopped looking and striving. I don’t think one can ask any more of an artist than that they live with this commitment.” - David Lee, Editor of ‘Jackdaw’.

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06/07/2019 - 01/09/2019

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