Photographic Memory by Alun Kirby



York-based Alun Kirby combines ‘camera-less photographs’ with origami. As befits someone with a Ph.D. in immunology and 20 years of scientific research behind him, however, Alun’s interests are more than decorative; he’s examining ‘the physical and philosophical basis of memory’...

Cyanotypes were invented by the polymath William Herschel in the 1840s. Their characteristic colour gave birth to the word ‘blueprint’. They are (as Alun points out) themselves a memory of photography – which made them doubly apt for analogous ideas about the way that memory defines our sense of ‘self’.

Increasingly using origami and sculptural elements, Alan’s work explores memory as a cultural force - inviting the viewer to consider the impact of their own memories in creating the person they are today, and who they may become tomorrow.

This exhibition brings together works that interpret both historical and contemporary ideas about memory, alongside others that examine the role of the individual in the development of cultural memory.

“The works themselves are often melancholic; whether figurative or abstract, they hold a sense of space, of peace and stillness,” says Alun.


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02/11/2019 - 01/01/2020

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Sun 10:00 17:00
Mon 10:00 17:00
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