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Rowena Comrie was trained in abstract art at Reading University (1978–82) by Mali Morris, Clyde Hopkins and the late Sir Terry Frost. After a brief sojourn in London she relocated to the W.A.S.P.S. studio collective in Aberdeen, staying in the city until she moved to the W.A.S.P.S. studio in Barrowlands, Glasgow in 2010.

Rowena has taught and lectured widely across the UK, is no less widely collected and exhibited and was for three years President of the Scottish Artists Union. This exhibition of 13 abstracts is – as consistently throughout her career - inspired by André Bretton’s call for artist to use their aesthetic freedom to seek out new thoughts and ideas.
“Using the subconscious delights of chance (made possible with spontaneity) combined with a considered formal arrangement of colour and shape, I want to create artworks that liberate new thoughts,” she says. “I hope my paintings open up to viewers an alternative way of sensing life beyond the limits of nature where space and form create an alternative universe of ideas and suggestions. To stimulate the viewer’s imagination to explore ideas that had not occurred to them before.

“Resonating colour relationships and formal balancing inform this aesthetic in my painting. The dissonant tensions between colours and forms, I hope, offer the viewer both an immediate
spontaneous response and considered intellectual reflection.”
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09/02/2019 - 10/04/2019

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