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Part fable, part gig, part concept album, this brand new rock opera follows W.’s coming-of-age in a piece that is a rallying cry for the next generation of feminists.

Two years ago, Ali Matthews and Leo Burtin walked the 65 miles that separate Pendle Hill from Lancaster Castle, retracing the footsteps of the so-called Lancashire Witches – women who were hanged for being out-of-the-ordinary.

Inspired by their journey, they made The Witching Way, a musical extravaganza for our times, confronting Trumpism and homophobia, and championing the #MeToo movement.

After succumbing to peer pressure and trying to be someone she’s not, W. is transported to a strange and wondrous landscape. In order to find her way home, she must embark on a quest, reckon with her history, overcome obstacles and ultimately find her voice.

With original music spanning punk, folk, blues and rock, The Witching Way features a live band, music video visuals and animation to deliver a magically-charged rock opera for all ages.

The Witching Way experiments with multimedia gig-theatre to explore feminist storytelling and the histories of the Pendle Witches. Join Ali and her band to experience a story brimming with witches, history, feminism, indie music, experimental theatre and stunning animations.


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