Holly Hendry: Cenotaph Exhibition Launch



As part of the Liverpool Biennial touring programme, Holly Hendry's large-scale public artwork Cenotaph, inspired by the artist's interest in the underground architecture of cities, will find a new home outside The Tetley.

Hendry's sculptures look at the back of things, as she says “open cracks where you see the gooey insides”. The artist is interested in the anatomy of the architecture of our surroundings and the innards and plumbing of the city itself. She is drawn to methods and materials that relate to past and future circulatory systems - underneath spaces or voids, such as digging techniques or the inside of sculptural moulds. The site of the installation, Tetley's Brewery, had an underground system of tunnels connecting the buildings through a hidden network. Over the next few years this site will be developed by Vastint and to create a new city centre park, during the development past structures will be uncovered and new systems installed. Cenotaph acknowledges the coming changes and the hidden systems beneath our feet.

Cenotaph (2018) is commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and Liverpool BID Company.

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