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Date and Time: Tue, 31 March 2020, 10:30 – 14:00 BST
Location: Aspire, 2 Infirmary Street, Leeds, LS1 2JP
Alex Walker’s ‘Disobedient Leadership’ style created hundreds of new jobs and gained him a reputation as a Business Doctor and Entrepreneur.... come and meet him...
Alex returns to Yorkshire from his home in Cyprus to launch his new book ‘it does matter’ and website mralexonline.com, both dedicated to Leaders that he has worked with and for. In his book Alex shares all his knowledge, experiences and wisdom. He has also created an online space for upcoming and fellow Leaders to come together and promote Leadership in Business.
Alex has held Leadership positions in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA. Computer Reseller News selected him as one of Europe’s Top 20 Market Makers after he led the launch of the first-ever IBM PC Clone in Europe and the USA. Alex has won Global Awards for Sales, despite his manufacturing background. Following his successful turnaround and shareholder exit of a large Polish business, the employees gave Alex a watch - inscribed with the words “thank you for making us stronger”. In York, he ignored management’s advice and instead worked with employees to drive change into improving quality and customer service, resulting in the infamous Robert Maxwell failing to win a £700m long-term print contract. Alex smiles when he recalls that three years earlier, he’d refused a job offer from the same Robert Maxwell.
Alex’s brand of ‘Disobedient Leadership’ comes from humble beginnings. This Edinburgh born, Globally bred Entrepreneur led his first strike aged 21, his first turnaround at 27, managed business closures, led greenfield start-ups, and introduced unique global products and services leading to the creation of hundreds of jobs in the UK and USA. When his Chicago Head Office refused permission to build a PC Fulfilment Centre, Alex set it up anyway, and for good measure, created one in the USA as well. When Chairman John R. Walter found out what Alex had done, he promoted him to CEO (UK)! John wrote the Foreword to Alex’s book ‘it does matter’ quoting, “Enjoy this important reflection from Alex as I know it will be an excellent resource for you and generations to come as fundamental values on leadership and life don’t change significantly over time.”
Former BBC presenter Will Jenkyns from ‘Voices’ is your host and will pop the questions in an interview-style event. Expect an interesting, fast-paced couple of hours. For people already in business, business start-ups, aspiring business leaders and students of business culture - it does matter.
Book Here: http://bit.ly/mralexleeds

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