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The popular Leeds Mindfulness Festival returns with a mixture of online and in person sessions at Kirkstall Abbey this October. Organised in collaboration with Leeds Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Spirituality Centre.

All events need to be booked in advance and are Pay As You Feel (PAYF).

Please visit the Leeds Mindfulness Festival Eventbrite page to book on. https://bit.ly/leedsmindfulnessfest21

If you have trouble booking online for any of these events or are unable to access a computer, please ring us on 0113 378 4079.

Leeds Mindfulness Festival: In-person sessions
All sessions take place in the Rose Room, Kirkstall Abbey Visitor Centre, unless specified. Booking is essential and links to each session are below.

We are asking everyone not exempt to please wear a face covering in enclosed spaces. This is the recommended government guidance but it isn’t mandatory. Due to the need to keep spaces well ventilated, please bring warm clothing.

12 Oct: 2.45-3.45pm – Jewish spirituality, meditation and mindfulness
With Gillian Holding, from the Sinai Synagogue progressive Jewish community in Leeds. An introduction to Jewish meditation and its continuing contemporary relevance to self awareness and self improvement practices within Jewish tradition.

13 Oct: 1.30-2.30pm – The universal message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
With Charndeep Singh (Basics of Sikhi). A brief introduction to the Sikh faith, meditation and loving devotion of the Divine. We will explore how Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s principles can be applied today and how meditation plays a fundamental role for health and wellbeing for all mankind. Please note this session may be being streamed on Facebook Live for Kirkstall Abbey.

14 Oct: 1.30- 2.30pm – Imago Divina
A reflective approach to spending time with a painting, drawing on techniques of mindfulness and Christian meditation This session will include an introductory talk and practical exercises looking at works by Rembrandt, Rublev, Craigie Aitchison, Bernardo Daddi and others. Led by Rev. Nigel Sinclair M.A., Team Rector of Abbey lands.

14 Oct: 2.45-3.45pm Returning to the World: Exploring resilience
With David Keogh (Mindful journeys) and self-compassion with Steve Hart. In this session David Keogh of Mindful Journey UK will be holding a reflective space to look at the traits and boundaries of resilience, the application of mindfulness based practise in self acceptance and decision making to return to “intrinsic soundness”. David has 20 years of lived and professional experience in psychologically informed environments and high intensity service delivery.

15 Oct: 1.30pm-2.30pm Mindfulness for Health with Leeds Mindfulness Cooperative
Exploring stress reduction and wellbeing, part of the Breathworks movement.

16 Oct: 11am-2pm Enhancing Positive Emotion mini retreat
With Steve Hart from Leeds Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Spirituality Centre. A chance to unwind, relax and radiate loving kindness, empathetic happiness, compassion and equanimity with led meditation practise and short shares. Tea and coffee provided.

19 Oct: 12 – 1.30pm Walking Kirkstall Abbey with Clare Wigzell (outdoor event)
Clare Wigzell is a local poet writing about her experiences of walking the landscape where she lives. At this event she will read poetry in various locations round the abbey and its grounds. These will include excerpts from a long poem, and shorter poems in locations painted by JMW Turner. There will be walks between sites close to each other, then short readings. Clare hopes that everyone who attends will deepen their relationship to the abbey and its grounds. Meet at the entrance to Kirkstall Visitor Centre.

19 Oct: 2.45-3.45pm Compassion as a Transformative Force in Society
With David Midgeley (Jamyang Buddhist Centre & Schumaker North). Compassion is universally recognised as one of the central values in all the major religions of the world. However its importance as a guiding principle in economic and social policy is only now beginning to be widely acknowledged. Alongside this, over the past 30 years or so, there has been an exploration of research interest in the benefits of secular compassion training stimulated by the pioneering work of HH Daliai Lama’s Mind & Life Institute.
As the catastrophic effects of an economic world-view predicated on the pursuit of material self interest become increasingly evident many are recognising the paramount importance of compassion as a unifying force that can help to overcome the divisions and conflicts that threaten our communities. This talk will offer an overview of these importance themes with a brief “taster” of Compassion Cultivation Training, a programme developed by Thupten Jinpa’s US based Compassion Institute.

20 Oct: 1.30-2.30pm Western Mystery Traditions, Truths and Wellbeing
With Mario Mariathsanan (Global Tribe Ltd). In this interactive talk we will look at common themes that form the basis of different philosophies.

20 Oct: 2.45-3.45pm Slow Flow Vinyasa for all levels
With Harriet King (Wild & Free Yoga). We will start with a short meditation to allow our minds to slow down and become present. We will then follow this with a full body stretch and flow moving through some traditional and modified sun salutations to build strength and flexibility (suitable for all abilities – rookie or pro welcome!). We will connect our breath to our movement in order to feel calm and peaceful while getting in a gentle workout! See you on the mat!

21 Oct: 1.30-2.30pm Mindfulness, the Earth Element and the Dakini Principle
With Zeenat Cameron (Insight for Well being). In this session of mindfulness and visualisation, we will connect with the earth qualities of grounding, security and inner abundance. In cultivating these qualities we will meet the Earth Dakini, the visualised sacred feminine form of this level of wisdom which will guide us and connect us to these positive qualities of Earth. Depicted as joyful feminine beings of light, dakinis dance freely in the space around them, symbolising our inherent capacity to move freely in the space of the awareness, wisdom and love that is our true nature.

21 Oct: 2.45-3.45pm Exploring the Qur’an and Islamic Spirituality
With Sahil Sefer Nur Warsi (Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Community). Contrasting translations of the Qur’an while seeking the beauty in the contemplative practises of sufism will be an hour of beauty and insight into the Islamic spiritual universe.

22 Oct: 2.45-3.45pm Cards & Board Games for Mindfulness
Ann Jones (Cards or Die Board Gaming) hosts this special mindful session featuring a selection of card games and board games. Come along and let Ann recommend or teach you a game in the beautiful Rose Room at Kirkstall Abbey.

You may also be interested in the following regular group sessions
which take place during the festival, and are bookable through the

Tuesdays – Mindfulness At The Abbey
Regular mindfulness and meditation sessions are held Tuesdays in the Visitor Centre and led by Steve Hart. Practises involve breath anchor, bodyscan, loving kindness and self-nurturing meditation. To attend these sessions please email: leeds.mindfulness@gmail.com

12 Oct: 1.30-2.30pm A Personal Exploration of Pain Management & Meditation
For many years Steve has experienced two pain conditions and a lengthy practise of meditation which he uses to help compassionately respond to pain. This is an exploration of using meditation to respond to primary and secondary suffering.

19 Oct: 1.30-2.30pm Meditation & Community Building and Sharing

13 & 20 Oct: 10.30-11.30am Gateways To Stillness
With Brahma Kumaris. Meditations in Kirkstall Abbey’s Rose Room, and a Reflective Walk around the Abbey. Meet at the Kirkstall Abbey Visitors Centre. All welcome. Free of charge. Please contact leeds@uk.brahmakumaris.org or phone 0113 2757727 for further information.

Leeds Mindfulness Festival: Online sessions
Online mindfulness workshops on Zoom, hosted by Steve Hart from Leeds Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Spirituality Centre. All sessions take place at 10.15-11.15am.

To attend these sessions you will need access to Zoom.

Book via eventbrite. https://bit.ly/leedsmindfulnessfest21

12 Oct: Introducing Secular Mindfulness
What does a psychologically sourced mindfulness aim to achieve? A chance to listen to an introduction to secular mindfulness and try out the breath anchor and the bodyscan.

13 Oct: Self Nurturing
Exploring the foundation of loving kindness for ourselves with Steve Hart..

14 Oct: Overcoming Obstacles in Meditation
Learning to overcome “hindrances” in meditation by embracing the “antidotes” such as Sky Like Mind.

15 Oct: The Confidence Journey
Exploring self-confidence and basic meditation.

19 Oct: Self Care & Self Esteem
What is self-esteem and how do we cultivate it?

20 Oct: Higher States of Consciousness in Buddhism
Buddhist meditative tradition has plenty of maps of happier states of consciousness. Explore the map of the “dhyanas”.

21 Oct: The Heart of Communication
Touching into Non-Violent Communication, assertiveness and ethical speech from the heart.

22 Oct: Buddhism in Leeds
An exploration of Buddhist spiritual community in Leeds.


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