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The ways of the wild: The legend of Fionn Mac Cumhaill
Performed by Maria Whatton and Sarah Matthews

Are you ready to learn the ways of the wild?

One of Ireland’s greatest legends will be brought vividly to life by the delightful duo of storyteller Maria Whatton and musician Sarah Matthews.

How many warriors does it take to create a champion? Two to be precise. Two warrior women who have courage enough to outwit an army and fly through fire. These are the caretakers of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the Irish champion, who owes his skills and spirit to his mighty ‘Aunts’.

Have you the heart and stomach to be mesmerised by this magnificent adventure, then book your tickets now.

Tickets: £7

Commissioned for Festival at the Edge 2018, to celebrate England’s oldest storytelling festival’s 27th birthday, ‘The ways of the wild’ performed to sell out audiences.

‘Astoundingly beautiful. Joyful crafting of a compelling tale.’ Peter Chand, Director Festival at the Edge

‘A riveting fusion of story, song, music, imagination and emotion. The real deal, not to be missed.’ Liz Weir, Storyteller

‘Beautifully woven voices and images. An enchanting story.’ Kate Corkery, Storyteller and author

‘A thrill to see such heart in a story.’ Sef Townsend, Storyteller

‘An amazing show!’ Gary Cordingley, Illustrator

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Type Price
Tickets £7