Kate Somervell: Venice



Kate uses black and white photography to connect with the soul of her favourite city – the iconic La Serenissima. However, her images have a dark and shadowy side, with some taken in fog or in the hours of darkness. Choosing her locations and timings carefully, Kate captures Venice in hauntingly quiet moments. Her images are timeless, reflecting the long history of the city and the ongoing battle between man and nature.

Away from the iconic views of San Marco, Kate delves deeper into the city with a variety of subject matter, from architecture and the rhythms created in repetitions of columns, as well as carefully composed glimpses of canals, landing stages and bridges. For those who have visited Venice, and those who dream of one day going, Kate is delighted to share her unique view of the city, revealing depths in the shadows and capturing the footsteps of the past.


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21/09/2021 - 03/10/2021

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