South East Asian Full Day Cookery Course

Food & Drink


This flavour packed and healthy cuisine will add new exciting dishes to your repertoire.

The classes take place in our stunning country kitchen with breathtaking views of Swinton Estate Grounds and Yorkshire Dales.

We always encourage a hands on approach within the classes and all ingredients and equipment will be provided.

Full Day Recipes (may include):
- Beef rendang
- Kari Ayam
- Nasi Lemak
- Chicken Satay with peanut sauce
- Pad Thai
- Tod Mun Pla
- Chicken Red Curry
- Salmon Green Curry

Techniques Covered on Course:
- Different spices required in different south East Asian dishes
- Slow cooking methods used for tougher cuts of meat
- Dry roasting spices to get the most of their flavour
- Traditional accompaniments that work alongside the dishes
- Rice cooking techniques pros and cons
- Vegetable preparation and knife skills


Type Price
Tickets £160.00



Opening Hours

Sun 09:00 17:00
Mon 09:00 17:00
Tue 09:00 17:00
Wed 09:00 17:00
Thu 09:00 17:00
Fri 09:00 17:00
Sat 09:00 17:00

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