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"I enjoyed growing up in a small North Yorkshire village, roaming through apple orchards and exploring fields, countryside lanes and riverbanks, observing wildflowers, animals and the turquoise flash of damselflies hovering over ponds.

Childhood influences and continuing curiosity, encourage my creative energy, enthusiasm and the challenge of painting wildlife. Studying art and painting botanical watercolours revealed the intricate detail and variety of plants and natural forms.

Discovering peace and tranquility in the countryside of the Dales, I like the intrigue of seeing early morning glimpses of animals, birds and insects, intent on scurrying or flying away from my camera lens. Observing their action and alertness in a natural environment helps me capture a feeling of life in expressive watercolour images.

Rich, vibrant, colour-washes and glazes enhanced by the liveliness of occasional pen and ink detail, are used to suggest the essence of nature, with hints of definition and areas left to your imagination.

Watching the pigment flow on the paper and interact with other shades creates unexpected results, textures and atmospheric moods in evocative paintings, with directional brushstrokes giving an illusion, a sense of movement - the spirit of all I see and feel." Anne Miller

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20/04/2019 - 01/05/2019

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