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‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing’ was something Emma’s Mum said repeatedly in the early days of her dementia. Over 10 years later, now her mother has died, Emma finds herself asking the question for herself. Emma’s Mum was a librarian, Emma is a library assistant. This is their story.

The last 16 years of Emma's life were richly coloured by the aging process of both her parents, her mother's being dominated by dementia. She struggled to watch them change, to fail, to require her to step up (or not) to the challenge of challenging roles and become 'grown-up' at last.

When Emma's Mother died, despite the imperfections of their relationship, Emma never felt more lonely. She turned her attention to this possible project as a way of processing it all - picking up old poems, fragments of writing, memories, photos - and her legacy to her as embodied in her love for culture and books.

This new show goes on a journey through time, mother-daughter love and life re-evaluation. A funny, moving, inspiring tale using poetry, theatre and library books.

A show that Emma's Mum would be proud of...

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