Inexpert witnesses, dodgy doctors and naughty Victorians



The medical profession and criminal law have worked together over the millennia, from the Ancient Egyptians to the present day. Join Dr Peter Moore as he explores the fascinating subject of early forensic science.

Focusing on the 19th century as a massive period of development in the field, Dr Moore will bring to life the theories and thinking that solved some of the most famous 19th century criminal cases. From the methods of identifying arsenic to the examination of early gunshot wounds, Dr Moore will introduce you to the ground-breaking Victorian scientists, doctors and philanthropists that paved the way for forensics today.

Due to the discussion of crime, murder and other sensitive subjects we advise that only visitors over the age of 15 attend this talk.

Dr Peter Moore spent 30 years as a GP, complementing this work with a ‘hobby’ serving as a Police Surgeon, spending nights and weekends at the police station seeing burglars, examining victims of sexual assault or looking at dead bodies. Dr Moore pursued this interest into history and has since written various well-regarded books on the medical profession and criminal law such as ‘From Wounded Fairies to Sweet Fanny Adams: Doctors Helping The Police With Their Enquiries Through The Centuries’ and ‘A Police Surgeon's Lot 30 Years in the Real World of a West Country Police Surgeon’.

Entry is one hour before the start of each talk to allow for the viewing of the museum itself and refreshments are provided.

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