Into The Hills



This work creates a theatre of rock and stone, inspired by a journey to the summit of a Pennine hill. The drawing depicts a scene where the viewer is surrounded by dark and sombre rocks. There is sculptural beauty in the rocks and the drawings are partly an exploration of the slow geological passing of time and the influence of the rain, wind and ice on the rock forms.

The drawings are made with charcoal, a natural substance like the rock. They are unique and have been created specifically to fit the gallery walls. They are real rock formations of gritstone. They create a space that is semi-immersive inviting the viewer to absorb the atmosphere of the setting and the scale of the boulders. It’s an experimental piece of art, and the rocks surrounding the viewer could be oppressive and macabre, or fascinating and beautiful.

I wanted to create something for the gallery that would work with the space in an unconventional way. In the gallery the drawings are placed within a do-mestic setting that seems quite mediaeval with the dark timber, low doorway and deep reveals of the small windows. Bringing the raw outdoors into this gentle interior space opens windows onto the outside world and the way we interact with the landscape. We look out, bring meaning to it and nurture the memory until we visit it again. Experiencing the landscape becomes a trans-formative experience.

'We are now in the mountains and they are now in us'
John Muir

Cow and Calf, Ilkley
Ann Rutherford is an artist who works with landscape. Using a series of travel explorations in the mountainous regions of Europe for inspiration, she reveals landscape through the medium of drawing. ‘Drawing with charcoal is a way of expressing immediacy of experience and the subtle beauty of the rock for-mations’

Based in Grassington, Ann explores the landscape through running, caving, climbing and open air bivys. She is interested in the working of the land, flora and fauna, folk stories and placemaking. She is also a project manager for arts organisations with a specialism in outdoor art projects.

Ann gained an MA with distinction in Printmaking at Bradford School of Art, and specialises in Collograph and drypoint.

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06/09/2019 - 28/09/2019

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Thu 11:00 16:00
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Sat 11:00 16:00

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