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‘Lost’, a Winter project. "During the winter months 2017-18 my attention was drawn to the many abandoned gloves, usually alone without their partner, seen around the streets and parks of Skipton. I was struck by how lonely and un-loved they looked, lying in the gutter or trampled into the mud. I started documenting them, photographing them, noting their location. Most were dark and gloomy, but every so often there would be a patch of bright colour, cheerful and happy in their predicament, optimistically draped over a railing or balanced on a stick, hoping to catch their owners eye and to once more snuggle up to their pair. The images on exhibition show only a few of the many lost gloves, digitally enhanced montages beneath a tracery map of the town, each location marked with a single red dot."

‘In the Landscape’, a Spring and Summer project.
"Inspired by the dramatic landscape, colours and quality of light of the Dales and Moors National Parks, plus an interest in 1950’s Scandinavian pattern design has led to the development of this new body of original landscape images. I am using mono-print as an expressive mark making technique to create large sheets of print. By mixing the ink colours as I roll onto the large acrylic plates, each sheet created is unique and unrepeatable. I then cut and collage the printed papers to build these one-off images, capturing the skylines of the area, rich in colour and texture, accented by the stylised hand and digitally drawn botanical studies. Trees stand starkly on top of gently rolling hills against dramatic skies whilst cow-parsley sways gently in the hedgerows and fields down in the dales, you can almost hear the skylarks".

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