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A partnership project between Skipton Town Hall and The Jay Walkers

A play based on the memories and life of a woman who worked at Armley Mill in Leeds and is set in 1915 and the present time.

At the age of 80, Fanny looks back on her life in Armley. She is a feisty old lady with a great sense of humour. Once a skilled weaver in the textile mill, she lived a small, parochial life but dreamed of more for herself and her children.

Fanny's story embraces the sadness of World War One, the strength and humour of a close knit community and the changing role of women in the twentieth century and the ironies of life. The playwright Jamesine Cundell Walker herself grew up in Armley. As the home of Alan Bennett and Barbara Taylor Bradford it has already provided much artistic inspiration.

Jay has used the myths of her own family in Armley to create a new narrative based on an assortment of truth and fiction. This is much more than a war play, it is a play about women's ongoing struggle to make their mark on history.

Tickets £8.00
Available from the Tourist Information Centre
Open 10am - 4pm, Monday to Saturday
Phone orders welcome - 01756 792809

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Tickets £8.00