Overview & description

Drawing is often described as an artist’s primary means of expression; a way of translating thought into image:

‘Until we can insert a USB into our ear and download our thoughts, drawing remains the best way of getting visual information on to the page’. Grayson Perry

Truth and Fantasy brings together artists from across the UK who draw in highly skilled and creative ways. Ranging from pencil on paper to objects and animation, their art reveals a spirit of enquiry and imagination.
Inspired by things seen and heard, they uncover memories and the unconscious, making other worlds become visible.

Artist workshops will also be programmed alongside this exhibition - see website for details:

Another great exhibition from Art Unpacked; a series of touring art exhibitions created by Chrysalis Arts. It brings the very best of contemporary art and craft to small and unique galleries, from East Lancashire to the Yorkshire coast.

Truth & Fantasy Exhibition
2nd Feb, to the 24th March
Open Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm
Free Entry

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