Folk Horror Revival presents Winter Ghosts

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Opening with one of the most knowledgeable experts on folklore of Krampus, (a folkloric figure from Central Europe who punishes naughty children but is kept in check by Saint Nicholas). Mr Al Ridenour has written one of the foremost texts on Krampus and his talk will be supported by the organisers of Whitby Krampus Run. We even may get a visit from a Krampus or two!

A talk on the folklore of Jet by Whitby local, Sarah Caldwell-Steele, proprietor and jeweller of Ebor Jet Works, Church Street, Whitby.

A lecture by Prof. Barbara Ravelhofer on the seasonal welsh tradition of the Mari Llwyd, where a group of people travel from pub with the welsh version of a hobby horse, (most often a horse skull on a pole with a sheet covering the person animating the horse skull) asking riddles in each pub and I believe there may be quite a lot of alcohol imbibed over the evening. This lecture also includes a performance of a Mari Llwyd.

Next Mr George Cromack, whose talk ‘Home for the Holidays’ will take inspiration from adaptations of popular children’s stories in film and television such as The Children of Green Knowe, Moondial and the Amazing Mr Blunden examining their use of the ‘time slip’ narrative, notions of ‘ancestral mystery’ and speculating on their appeal.

The last speaker for the day is Peter Kennedy, an author who has written some short stories based in the folklore of his childhood in Hartlepool.

We then take a short break.

The evening kicks off with Soulless Party, original poetry and story telling put to synth electric music
We then present Big Hogg, another band with an eclectic mix of electronic and traditional music
Headlining will be Burd Ellen, This group uses traditional song to explore and evoke dark landscapes and deep stories. Innovative instrumentation, drone and sound-wash support detailed vocal work to create a unique sonic atmosphere.

This will be followed by a DJ set by Folk Horror Revival’s very own Darren Charles of Unearthing Forgotten Horrors and Serpents Lair, Bloodstock fame.

To end the evening a showing of American Witch, a twenty minute short film on Witchcraft in modern America and a Finnish short film Northern Witch based on the mythology of the Finnish Epic Kalevala.

Sun 15 Dec 2019 – Hetty and Betty Café, Baxtergate, Whitby
We open the afternoon with a talk by Brian Holloway, Paranormal investigator and Whitby local. Mr Holloway is carrying out an investigation at Hetty and Betty Café on 07 September and he will be sharing his results with us.

This will then be followed by the reading of original ghost stories by their authors:
Chris Lambert – Soulless Party and co author of “Tales from the Black Meadow” set on the North York Moors
Andy Paciorek – Author and graphic Ilustrator and founder of Folk Horror Revival
Chris Firth - Author
Mark Goodall – Author and film maker, director and producer of Holy Terrors, filmed in and around Whitby and based on a collection of Arthur Machen short stories.
Bob Fischer – Radio and TV presenter at BBC Tees

Finally we collaborating with Decadent Drawing and Whitby Krampus Run as part of the art exhibition being held in Hetty and Betty Café, running from 24 Oct through to 16 Dec, this is a rolling exhibition, starting with Threshold, moving on to Krampus and finishing up as Folk Horror Revival

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Tickets Full day - £13.00 Evening Only - Evening - £7.00


14/12/2019 - 15/12/2019

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Sun 15:00 16:30
Sat 14:00 23:55

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