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Anne Freitag renaissance flute
Thomas Baeté & Liam Fennelly viols
Romina Lischka viol, director
with Uday Bhawalkar Dhrupad vocals Pratap Awad pakhawaj

A visionary bringing-in together of Hindustani raga-based improvisations and the polyphonic art-music of the English 16th-century court, in a wondrous ‘fancie’. Dhrupad is the oldest form of Hindustani classical vocal music, a tradition that goes back almost 2000 years but which in the 16th century developed into a highly appreciated art form.
Like Elizabethan consort music, it is intimate and meditative, and in this meeting of the two worlds, the inner reflections of both combine to create an entirely new sound in which the expressiveness of Dhrupad vocals joins with the instrumental eloquence of the viol consort.

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Tickets £25.00 (£23.00 concessions, £5.00 under 35)