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How do you explore space if you don’t like flying? If you could go anywhere in space, where would you go? What would you miss most from Earth? Ponder these questions as you get up close to Tim Peake’s Spacecraft and take part in hands-on activities dedicated to space-age engineering.

Get to know Tim Peake's scarred and scorched capsule, which was engineered to survive speeds of 17,000 mph and temperatures of 1,600⁰C in an epic 250 mile journey back to Earth.

Tim Peake completed almost 4 years of training before being selected for the Principia Mission, but we’ll prepare you for space exploration in just one visit the museum. Test your coordination in our free Astronaut Training School challenge, and discover the coding behind space travel in Space Code:ettes.

Imagination took mankind to the stars – where will it take you? You choose your space adventure in our special edition of Imagination Station, then get creative to craft your own Mission Patch to mark the completion of your mission.

Tim Peake's Spacecraft is presented by Samsung and the Science Museum Group.

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Tickets Free entry, some activities may carry a small charge.