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“Positive Emotions broaden ones awareness and encourage novel, varied and exploratory thoughts and actions.”
One in four people experience mental health difficulties per year but with the shift in thinking, an acute awareness of the importance of mental health, it is now at the forefront of everyday life. In its latest exhibition, Kunsthuis Gallery will exhibit work from fifty National and
International artists responding to the theme “Positive Emotions”. Reflecting on emotions such as Joy, Serenity, Interest, Amusement, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Inspiration and Awe.
Exploring & responding to Barbara Frederickson’s ground-breaking theory - Broaden and Build Theory, “Positive Emotions” will look at our (societies) emotional engagement with life and how that becomes a powerful source of motivation, as a conscious and unconscious tool.
We, as humans face uncertainty daily, engaging with life and as a result have developed a complex set of mechanisms to navigate our way through. Frederickson’s work identifies that
the whole idea of emotions and what we experience opens our minds, broadens & expands our awareness and facilitates the building & development of our own inbuilt resources
such as; knowledge, skills, abilities and relationships.
“Positive Emotions” is simply the beginning of the layering process, the materials chosen by each individual artist will build on these ideas surrounding human mechanisms and the resilience & resources that then form. Colour, of course provides an invaluable source of expression of
feelings and undoubtedly features in many of the works on display at Kunsthuis with the added dynamic use of concepts, techniques and imagery.
Kunsthuis Gallery is delighted to reveal it is working in collaboration with York Mind for this
project and will donate 5% sales commission to the charity.

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05/04/2019 - 05/05/2019

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