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Overview & description

The Crown & Anchor (fondly referred to as 'Whitehouse' by locals) is a great pub that sells excellent local handpull ales, a huge selection of wines, non alcoholic drinks and delicious cocktails. It also turns out handmade award winning pies (voted Best Pub Pie in the UK, no less!), great rings of secret recipe sausages, divine vegetarian delights and of course the classic Barnsley Chop (amongst other Grill specialities)!

The pub has a chequered and interesting history that no one as of yet has been able to pin down. There is talk of the pub once being the home of the first Naval maritime captain, who built the building from the bows of the first Royal Naval vessel back in 1597.

There are stories of ghosts, cold chills and whispers that whistle through the rooms. There is the full and rich history of it's most well known clientelle; The Miners!

Barugh Green's mining history is colourful and fascinating. There are many locals who can tell you stories of toils and commaradery in the pits of the husbands, fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers and even grandmothers.

The only way to find out to come and have a drink with us!

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