Pure commitment to great ingredients and a true understanding of what makes a dish, a meal, an experience.

The menu changes daily, influenced by what excites us, what's available at the markets, cookery books old and new, dishes we've enjoyed and developed.

The options are endless, the culinary world is our journey, no boundaries just good grub, scran, fodder - you name it we're going for it!

Not pretentious stuff, but real food - a bit rough round the edges with just a little bit of attitude.

Served in a quirky room, tongue-in-cheek; somewhere to chill, relax, feel better when you leave than when you arrived, great music, great drinks, staff who want you to take care of you, no gimmicks, no false promises, just really nice customer care, all at your pace, book, don't book, call in and enjoy what we've got to offer.

Remember one thing: our chef, Jack Baker, is one of the best out there. Honestly. Trust us.

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