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The Red Lion and Manor house is privately owned and run by the Grayshon family. The Red Lion was purchased in November 1991 by Andrew and Elizabeth Grayshon, as the years have progressed Andrew and Elizabeth are now retired and ably help to look after their 10 grandchildren as well as enjoying time at their house in France. They remain in Burnsall living at the Old post office and have an active part in village and family life.

Andrew and Liz’s 4 daughters now run the Red Lion alongside their partners.

Eldest daughter Sarah organises all the weddings. Victoria is in charge of all accounts and her husband Jim is bar manager. The youngest daughters are twins Katy and Eleanor who deal with all staff, marketing and conferences. Katy is married to head chef Olivier and Eleanor’s partner Charlie is 2nd in charge in the kitchen. Even our children are now involved with Sarah’s daughter Alice helping to serve breakfasts and Katy’s youngest daughter Mary (aged 6) working in the office on a Sunday morning!!

We of course have plenty of help. Our reservations manager is Rachel. Our restaurant manager is George and front of house manager is Julie. Joel is function manager and housekeeping is led by Lani and her team. If you need any assistance during your stay any of our staff or ourselves will be on hand to help out and have a chat.

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