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Welcome to our humble abode. The Bowery is a place that is always evolving, either through our lovely, tasty cocktail menu, our constantly updated variety of world beers, through to our commitment to giving chances to the best bands and DJ’s in the city or simply through the general assortment of absurd decorations we seem to accumulate! It’s a space that we are really proud of and we like to have lots of parties to celebrate! with the biggest surprise guests to the best up and coming talent.

The one thing that we are most committed to though is you lot. Our bar team pride themselves on great service and having the best banter ever, with no pretension. The Bowery is owned & run by Sheffield people. A truly independent business in a time when far too many are falling by the wayside, the benefit of being an independent is that we can do whatever we bloody well please! So if its private hire for a special party, a weekend dancing to the best music and drinking the best cocktails or just a mid-week quaffing of a quality local real ale then The Bowery has the lot.

Pop in & say hello, It could be the first of many visits.

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